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10 ml Lime E-Liquid

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Vap-Aroma and Lung Buddy products are meant to be used by mature smokers, who are over the age of 18 and who enjoy smoking or do not intend to quit smoking any time soon. We offer a new age modern alternative to smoking. WE ARE NOT A NICOTINE REPLACEMENT THERAPY nor DO WE MAKE ANY STATEMENT OF ANY KIND THAT WE CAN BE USED AS A NICOTINE REPLACEMENT THERAPY.

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E-Liquid Ingredients: Propylene glycol 70%, Vegetable Glycerin 30%, flavoring, Distilled Water, Nicotine (if chosen).


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WARNING LABEL: For people who suffer from Atopy aka nut allergies: Vap-Aroma May have slight traces of nuts. Please take note of the followingWarning – NOT FOR SALE TO ANY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. NOT FOR USE BY PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING WOMAN. NICOTINE IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.


10 ml Bottle Equvalant

The Vap-Aroma 10 ml Strong Mint E-Liquid is available in all Lung Buddy Stores or Partner Stores country wide and online. One 10 ml e-liquid bottle is equivalent to 120 regular tobacco cigarettes or 6 packets of cigarettes. A 1.6 ml atomizer is equivalent to 24 regular tobacco cigarettes and you can refill your atomizer 6 times with 1 10 ml bottle e-liquid.

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HINT: We suggest starting with a 2.4 bottle of e-liquid the orange cap in the beginning, if you find that it’s to strong, then drop to a 1.8 bottle of e-liquid the blue cap. If you are currently using e-liquid but still find you crave a tobacco cigarette, then we suggest going up one colour from your current colour. Example: If you currently use a green cap and still crave a cigarette most of the time, switch to a blue cap.


Your Savings Calculation

Here is a simple consumer calculation for fun: If the average smoker, smokes 20 cigarettes a day and pays R 30.00 for a packet of cigarettes. 1 Packet (20 Cigarettes), R 30.00 (Cost Of A Packet Of Cigarettes) x 6 (Days | 120 Cigarettes) = R 180.00 is the total amount of money spent over 6 days on tobacco cigarettes. NOW Same Consumer buys 1 Bottle E-Liquid (10 ml = 120 Cigarettes) x R 60.00 (Cost of A 10 ml Bottle of E-Liquid) Total cost spent of six days. the consumer WILL SAVE R 120 PER WEEK | R 480 PER MONTH | R 6000 PER YEAR – These are averages based on rough calculations.

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White Cap 0.0 0 Zero NO Nicotine good for flavour mixing
Green Cap 1.2 12 Lights Smoker Of 5 Cigarettes Less Daily
Blue Cap 1.8 18 Mild Between 10 & 20 Cigarettes Daily
Orange Cap 2.4 24 High Pack Of 20 Cigarettes & More Daily


How To Use Vap-Aroma E-Liquid

Carefully Unscrew the child proof cap. Then tip e-liquid bottle nozzle into the clearomizer. Squeeze the bottle until you have the desired amount of e-liquid. Replace cap and store in a dark, dry cool place, away from children and animals.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
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