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This Electronic Cigarette Battery Guide is an overview of e-cigarette batteries. Please be sure to read this guide before using any Lung Buddy Electronic Cigarette Battery.

Types Of Electronic Cigarette Batteries

There are many batteries on the market, but the most popular are the following: the Ego and the Evod. These two terms refer to the type of battery connector used.

Lung Buddy eGo Batteries

Lung Buddy eGo BatteriesLung Buddy eGo Batteries are small and compact, they also offer much faster recharge times. The eGo batteries have a capacity ranging from 650 milliamps (mAh) and go up to as big as 1300 mAh. The eGo batteries also have two sets of threads, making it compatible with the older 510 fittings and the eGo batteries also provide users with a much longer vaping duration. The Lung Buddy eGo Batteries are also known to provide enough power to last all day.


Lung Buddy eVod Batteries

Lung Buddy eVod BatteriesLung Buddy eVod Batteries are very similar to the Lung Buddy eGo Batteries. The eVod Batteries are however sleeker in design, offer more features and the technology has been improved. Lung Buddy eVod Battery capacities range from 350 mAh and go up to 1300 mAh. These batteries also make use of the two sets of threads, making it compatible with the older 510 fittings. The eVod Batteries are also available as variable voltage.

What Are Electronic Cigarette Batteries Made Of?

The eGo and eVod batteries aren’t that complex but do contain impressive technology. The bulk of the unit is made of the battery cell itself, usually long-life rechargeable lithium ion. In addition, there are the circuit boards and a LED indicator light or lights, an outer casing, button and connector.

The circuitry is what makes it special. Some electronic cigarette batteries have an electronic airflow sensor, this provides power to the heating coil when the user draws on the electronic cigarette. The button in other battery models triggers certain advanced functions.

Battery On/Off FeatureBattery On/Off Feature

The Lung Buddy eGo and Lung Buddy eVod batteries provide have a button activated on/off switch; this stops your coils from overheating and burning out and is a safety feature. By clicking the batteries button 5 times rapidly will switch the unit either on or off. If the battery is ready to be used the LED indicator light will flash three times.

Battery IC Protection Feature

All the Lung Buddy eGo and Lung Buddy eVod batteries offer IC (integrated circuit) protection on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), this protects against shorts, over discharging, overcharging and high current. Protected batteries are a lot safer to use than unprotected batteries.



A battery that flashes rapidly many times or does not stop flashing indicates a problem with the battery. If this happens, stop using the battery immediately. DO NOT RECHARGE and contact us or your Lung Buddy supplier. A battery that double-flashes three times indicates a short indicates a problem with the e-liquid delivery system. Again, stop using the battery immediately. DO NOT RECHARGE and contact us or your Lung Buddy supplier.

Recharge Indicator

If a Lung Buddy eGo and Lung Buddy eVod battery needs recharging, the light will flash 10 times.

Battery Care

Lung Buddy batteries are durable and robust, they must still be handled with care, like any other device containing a lithium-ion battery. There are worldwide reports of batteries exploding and even though the incidents are few, there are millions of batteries being used worldwide. Please follow our basic guidelines for safe battery use and charging.


Basic Battery Care Guidelines

  • A variety of chargers is available to make sure you use the right one
  • Batteries may get warm when charging, however, they should never get hot. If this happens, remove the battery immediately from the charger, do not use and contact us or your Lung Buddy supplier
  • Only use South African Standards approved USB wall plugs
  • Keep battery dry
  • Clean battery contacts and/or connector with a dry cloth before charging
  • Do not expose batteries heat or to extreme heat
  • Never charge a battery unattended
  • Do not leave connected to the charger after charging is complete
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Do not use battery modifications
  • Use the battery on/off feature when not in use or travelling
  • Rest batteries for a while after charging
  • Avoid dropping batteries and do not subject batteries to any forms of shock
  • Do not overtighten batteries
  • A battery flashing several times indicates a problem with the battery. If this should occur, cease attempts to use immediately and contact us
  • A battery that displays a double-flash three times indicates a short has occurred. If this should occur, try removing your atomizer and make sure all the connections are clean and that the coil is positioned/installed properly. If that does not work, cease attempts to use immediately and contact us